Alan Kapanicas is still receiving a salary

In the December 29th letters to the Editor section of the Record Gazette, Elizabeth (Libi) Uremovic claimed Alan Kapanicas was still receiving a salary from the City of Beaumont;

Here are the facts:

A separation and settlement agreement was signed by Kapanicas and the City effective October 17, 2015. The City agreed to pay him for an accrued balance of 1,885.5 hours of leave time (sick leave, holiday, vacation leave), no future salary. Total monetary value of $213,702.  

Kapanicas was granted terminal leave starting on November 16, 2015. While on terminal leave, the City agreed to pay him at a rate of 40 hours per week for 24 pay periods (each payment totaling $8,904.27) until the total monetary value above was satisfied. City agreed to continue to contribute toward CalPERS but no other benefits were extended. Agreement specifically states that Kapanicas was considered terminated and no longer an employee as of November 15, 2016. 

CalPERS found that Kapanicas’ last day as a Beaumont employee was May 29, 2015 and determined that he no longer qualified for CalPERS contributions. City stopped making CalPERS contributions for Kapanicas on Oct. 29, 2015. City reversed any CalPERS payroll contributions for him that occurred after May 29, 2015. He did not have enough tenure in CalPERS to become vested. 

After Kapanicas was arrested, terminal leave payments were suspended in May 2016. Beaumont’s City attorney confirmed with the DA’s office that the Kapanicas bank account had been frozen as part of the criminal case. City staff directed that no more payments be made because it would violate a court order. City was later directed by court to submit check in the amount of $101,269.29 to the receiver in the Kapanicas criminal case for the balance of the accrued earnings established in the settlement agreement.